Have you seen the NiMo Alloy Reference Guides?

NiMo Alloy Reference Guide

  • What makes the NiMo Alloy Reference Guide different from others?
    • No scrolling down a long list of alloys only to find the alloy is not found
    • Chemistries for over 1,500 different grades of stainless and alloys
    • Simply select the category and find the composition of each:

      – Wrought Stainless, Cast Stainless, High Nickel Alloy Castings
      – Nickel, Nickel-Cobalt, Cobalt, Nickel-Copper
      – Titanium , Tantalum, Molybdenum, Tungsten
      – Tool Steels

NiMo Copper Reference Guide

  • What is the NiMo Copper Reference Guide?
    • CDA # and composition of each wrought and cast alloy listed by the Copper Development Association
    • Simply select the category:
      1) Wrought or Copper alloys 5) Wrought or Cast Nickel-Silver Alloys,
      2) Wrought or Cast High Copper Alloys, 6) Wrought or Cast Copper-Nickel Alloys,
      3) Wrought or Cast Brass Alloys, 7) Cast Leaded Copper Alloys
      4) Wrought or Cast Bronze Alloys, 8) Cast Specialty Copper Alloys
NiMo Uses & Applications Guide

  • What is the NiMo Uses & Applications Guide?
    • Uses & Applications for most of the alloys used today
    • Simply select the application found in alphabetical order
      Search for the Application or Alloy using the Search box