This first volumes includes 463 pages of amazing information, until these books were released; this information was simply not available anywhere in the industry. Opening chapters in Volume 1 include how to recognize scrap and its uses, defining stainless steel, the categories of stainless and alloys, the characteristics of alloying elements, and the elements, symbols and applications. The book also lists the grades of stainless and alloys, defining corrosive resistant alloys, exhaust valve steel alloys, stainless alloys and their uses. There are chapters on where to find consumers of stainless and nickel alloys, and an important chapter on understanding the difference between wrought and cast alloys. Volume 1 also includes chapters on determining the values of alloys and segregating alloy by consumers pricing. Learn about 18/8 stainless steel elements, and the facts about refractory alloys. And finally, there’s a great chapter on where to find scrap as well as tips on purchasing. And best of all, the book includes a complete glossary of industry terms.